The Dumbest Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Ever (And How To Use Them)

CJ Miozzi | 25 Apr 2014 12:30
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First published in: City of Splendors (1994)

Watch out - that stack of dirty clothes may animate into a golem! Was the Raggamoffyn designed by someone's mom in an attempt to get him to do his laundry? Oh, and they prefer to fight by possessing a host - by wrapping themselves around a "victim." Are you fighting a deadly monster, or just a crazy homeless person? Who knows!

How to use it: Raggamoffyns are sentient scraps of cloth, leather, and metal, sometimes said to be formed from the remnants of worn out magical garments. It's possible to keep the gimmick behind this monster - a sentient construct that wraps itself around a victim and possesses it - while applying it to different fluff. Rather than rags, make the raggamoffyn an ooze, or a mist, or a swarm of flying creatures.

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