10 New Tabletop Games for Summer: The Best of Origins 2015

Jonathan Bolding | 11 Jun 2015 15:00
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Bottom of the 9th


Okay, this game is about baseball. Wait, no, come back!

Sorry, sorry. This fun game is about baseball.

Bottom of the 9th is a fast playing game by oddly-themed-but-fun-games mavens Dice Hate Me Games where everyone is always doing something, which is not only rare for the two player game genre, but just... good design. In the game, one player is the "Evil Empire" who has somehow managed to tie with the terrible local team. The evil empire must strike out the locals' batting line to push into extra innings and win. The locals must score one single hit to win. Each team has a stable of players with their own stats and special abilities. As the face off goes down, players try to outguess each other with chits marked Low/High and Inside/Outside, with bonuses going to the batter if he guesses how the pitcher will throw and the pitcher if he tricks the batter. Dice rolls determine what kind of pitch is thrown, with a number on one die and a symbol on another determining who has to roll above or below the other player. It's fast, fun, and easy enough to learn that those with even a passing interest in sports should check it out. All the fun of the last inning of baseball without hours of cheering and hot dogs beforehand.

Bottom of the 9th was a Kickstarter from Dice Hate Me Games.

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