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Matt Morgan | 16 Dec 2015 14:00
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Tiny Epic Western


Worker placement and poker collide as players send their posse members to various spots across the table, but they may not hold those spots for long. Other posses can roll in with their six-shooters, proving that there is an endless well of puns for a game with bullet-shaped dice (the poker game even lasts six rounds!)

The poker element is what really makes the game shine. Each pair of destination spaces has a poker card between them, and players must assemble a three-card play using two cards from their hand and one neighboring card from the table. This turns Tiny Epic Western into a six-hand, simultaneous poker game that drives the larger strategy game. The choice to each player is which poker hands they feel are worth sitting in on.

In chatting with the staff at Gamelyn Games, it also came across that entrants in their Tiny Epic series are refined for two-player experience prior to scaling up to a four-player rules set. This is the reverse of most design paths, but explains some of the series' success, given the rising demand for strong two-player games.

Gamelyn Games is on a roll with their Tiny Epic series (you mall recall Tiny Epic Galaxies from The Escapist's Origins 2015 roundup) and Tiny Epic Western looks to only increase the quality of the franchise.

Tiny Epic Western is set to hit Kickstarter on January 11th, and publish later in 2016.

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