Oath of the Gatewatch Cards to Keep an Eye On

Justin Clouse | 29 Jan 2016 12:00
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Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim 6

I honestly don't recall seeing Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim ever get activated over the weekend, but just like Sylvan Advocate it is a flexible card that can come down early and has some late game potential with its deathtouch and other abilities. Worst case you're probably just using it to get a little value out of your opponent pointing removal spells at your creatures, and every now and then you get to start turning all your creatures into Utter Ends.

Wandering Fumarole 5

While the Battle for Zendikar manlands don't quite stand toe-to-toe with their older Zendikar cousins, that doesn't stop them from still being valuable resources in deck construction. Manlands are sort of the Swiss Army knife of Magic card for smoothing out many decks since they operate as both a creature and a land. It's a threat that survives board wipes, helps alleviate mana flood situations, or gives you an advantage when playing match-ups centered on trading resources.

World Breaker 5

World Breaker had a solid, if not exciting showing. At seven mana it's still pretty expensive, and doesn't have quite the initial impact as the other Eldrazi. It's been more important for simply giving the ramp decks additional threats to play around Infinite Obliteration.

Wastes 5

Statistically I'm sure out of the hundreds of folks in attendance sometime at the event probably tried it, but no Walker of the Wastes 9/9 tramplers for five deck made it into the Top 16. For most decks there are simply better options to get colorless mana. I could actually see these all but fall off for painlands, Crumbling Vestiges, and such.

Yes, my title might have been a set-up for an Oath of GooglyWatch gallery...

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