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Let's Play Twilight Imperium 2: The Galaxy Burns

Paul Goodman | 10 Sep 2014 16:00
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The Federation attempts - and fails - to retake Everra from the Xxcha.

Commodore Josh of Terra Says: Without notice or provocation, the wretched Xxcha broke our non-aggression pact, and invaded Everra. This will not stand. Shortly thereafter, due to malfunctions in our intra-galactic communications network, Terra was left undefended, and promptly sacked by our aggressors. We struck back immediately and reclaimed our home system, but not before our space dock was destroyed, setting our work back months, perhaps years.

Despite the transgressions of our overly aggressive neighbors, we did manage to reach Mecatol Rex and lay claim in the name of the Sons of Sol. Production at the galactic center will ramp up shortly, allowing us to spread further than we ever imagined through the stars.

Meanwhile, the Mindnet have begun uncontested expansion into the Sardokk N'orr's territory, quickly becoming the largest empire in the galaxy. The Jol-Nar have simultaneously begun an assault on the main fleet of the Yin, our largest trading partners and last remaining friendly neighbor. The Sons of Sol may intervene when the time is right, but production on Mecatol Rex remains our highest priority for the time being.

The remaining Sardokk N'orr regroup.

Hive Alpha Jon Bolding Says: Woe to the Hive! Our efforts to expand into the galaxy have met with failure. We have accidentally detonated a star neighboring the Xxcha, and have lost even more ground forces to haphazardly organized colonization attempts. The Federation of Sol offered us assistance if we could send an expeditionary force to harry the Xxcha, claiming their colony worlds would fall easily to our troops and provide resources for our growing empire, but before any plans could be made, the worst has occurred: The Mindnet have invaded, and with its treacherous forces, have all but destroyed our civilization.

Our last remaining fleet engaged a significant group of Mindnet ships as they entered orbit over our home system, and the skies were filled with the missile trails and laser pulses of our Planetary Defense Systems firing a preliminary barrage against the invaders. A great battle ensued, wounding many of the Mindnet's vessels, but our noble warriors were unable to make the killing blow on several of their largest ships. In the end, the Mindnet destroyed our military forces and stardocks and now hold our twin home worlds hostage. In light of this failure, the previous Hive Alpha has been executed for this failure, his body to the hive and consumed by our young in an age old rituals of penance.

A new Hive Alpha has been selected to lead our people through these trying times, and is aiming to use the small colonies that we still have left under our control to rebuild and launch a counter offensive, provided the Mindnet does not push their agenda against us further. Regardless, it will be many cycles before we can offer any semblance of a defense, let alone reclaim our lost territory. We are all but finished, and even now countless freighters of civilians seek asylum with the Federation and those whom the Federation bid us to attack. A miracle is needed to prevent our mighty legacy from falling into the history.

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