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An Unsteady Peace Arises in Twilight Imperium

Paul Goodman | 25 Sep 2014 16:00
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The Jol-Nar fleet on Null ponders its next move.

Chancellor Greg Tito of the Jol Nar Universities says: The forces surrounding the Mindnet's homeworld of Null had retreated to the planet's orbit, but it was not enough to defend against the J.N.S. Hylarim's fleet. Our commanders issued a beacon keyed into a frequency broadcast from the Hylarim which granted a greater concentration of firepower from our laser banks. Doing so also disrupted the Mindnet's communications - again - and didn't allow their commander to issue any other orders during the battle. The enemy destroyers did decimate our fighter squadrons, but the University was able to occupy the neural nets of Null with a sizeable ground force.

The Death Fleet is stranded. Null is ours. The dice were rolled, and they seemed to have most pips facing up.

We intercepted a communication from Null sent to the Yin Brotherhood. Now that this operation is complete, I planned to protect our flank and build another fleet at Lesab. Unfortunately, Mindnet agents were able to sabotage the space dock in orbit around that planet. I ramped up production on Jol instead, but those ships are far from the conflict.

A recent breakthough proposed in jest by one of my inner circle of scientists and advisors might actually alleviate this predicament. What if we could fold space so that systems light years away could be traveled to as if they were next much closer? We could create wormholes, essentially. My colleague called creating these artificially-created passages a "spatial conduit network." It is genius.

Recently, we have been reminded the Yin Brotherhood are not our allies. Through subterfuge, they destroyed the forces on two planets near their space, including Lesab. We have no choice but to treat this as an act of aggression and have begun building our forces to match the trillions of Yin and their myriad of ships.

In tandem, the Death Fleet of the Mindnet, still representing a significant threat, has moved within striking distance of retaking Null. Rather than risk battle, I have deduced it is more logically sound to cede the home planet back to the algorithm. I only hope the Mindnet leader removes emotion from their decision and decides to pursue the true enemy of the galaxy right now - the Yin.

A new objective that may determine the winner of the game.

The Wrap-Up

Things have become incredibly tense on the board; what was considered to be a slow race to be the first to get the most victory points has now turned into a tense stand-off with the arrival of the Public Objective card that grants the first player to hold two enemy home systems with instant victory. While Justin has lost his own home world, he does still hold the Sardokk N'orr's, and could very well secure the win if he manages to retake what he's lost quickly. Greg is also in a position to win (albeit tenuous), provided he can find a way to put vessels in orbit over someone else's home system quickly.

At the end of Round 10, Janelle manages to stay in the lead with 8 victory points, while Josh and Justin are now tied for second with 7 apiece. Greg is now in third with 6 victory points, and Paul remains in last with 4.

The final battle lines are being drawn... what surprises will the last few rounds of Twilight Imperium bring? Stay tuned to find out!

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