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Let's Look at the New Blood Angels Codex

Joe Perez | 15 Dec 2014 15:00
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All the other major changes seem to be in line with sort of the logical placement of the characters and various troops. As to be expected as well are a new selection of psychic powers available to Blood Angels librarians called, well, Sanguinary Discipline. here's what we have for the powers

● Primaris: Quickening Blessing. +D3 to Attacks and Initiative to psyker or target character at 12″
● Fear of the Darkness - Malediction - Target enemy unit within 12". Target must make an immediate Morale check a -2.
● Unleash Rage: WC1 Blessing that gives a unit within 18" Rage. If the unit has rage already, they get +1 Attack instead.
● Shield of Sanguinius - Blessing - Target Psyker. While active, all models in the Psyker's unit have a 5+ invulnerable save.
● Blood Boil - Focused Witchfire 18" range. Target must make two Toughness tests, lose a wound for every failed check. No saves allowed. If target dies, they explode using the large blast template with Strengh 4 AP5 hit that ignores cover
● Blood Lance - Beam attack 12" range Strength 8, ap 1, Assault 1, Lance.
● Wings of Sanguinius - Blessing - Target friendly infantry unit within 12". Unless the unit is in combat, it can make an immediate move up to 12".

They fit the theme of the Blood angels quite nicely, and they have the potential to pack one heck of a punch if used right.

Overall, the codex is what players have come to expect from the new book releases, tons of wonderful art, lots of fluff and story, and a good solid showing for the army. Nothing really screams as super overpowered, though I can see Blood Boil being particularly nasty for infantry focused armies to deal with if it goes off. At the same time, though, nothing really feels underwhelming.


New Models

It wouldn't be a new release if it wasn't accompanied by new models. Since Blood Angels don't get a chance to take Centurions out for a spin, instead they got themselves a brand spanking new Sanguinary Priest. In game terms, the priest adds +1 Weapon Skill and Feel No Pain to any unit it is attached to. They can be equipped with Jump Packs or Bikes to make sure they have options to keep up with your hard hitting fast troops, and I can see these accompanying signature squads. The model itself is really well done, with the iconic chest plate now synonymous with Blood Angels, as well as finely sculpted robes and a Blood Chalice. It is a great looking figure, there are a lot of subtle details for players to highlight and bring attention to your forces. My only criticism is the posing of the figure, I just wish it was a bit more dynamic, but when you only have a 28mm base to stand on, there is only so much you can do. It carries a hefty price of $30 USD, which is about the expected cost for a named character model. You can have up to 3 in an army, so this can easily be a $100 USD investment before you know it.

The other new model they receive isn't so much a new model or unit but an upgraded one. We've seen over the last year a series of specialized tactical and terminator squads released with upgrades and various cosmetic bits to signify the chapter of your choice. The sons of Sanguinius are no exception, and they have received a specialized tactical squad and terminator marines resplendent with the iconography of their Primarch and chapter. The tactical squad chimes in at $43 USD, which is only a few dollars more than the generic kit. The Sergeant gets to have the chest armor that is sculpted to look like the chest of an adonis. The terminator squad will run you $60 USD, which is pretty standard for terminators. Both kits are very detailed and will make fine additions to any Blood Angels army, and selfishly I hope I get to paint up a set of them in the near future. December is an exciting time for Blood Angels fans, and everything will be released just in time for any holiday you may celebrate.

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