Warmachine Reckoning Review - A Big Advance for Smashy Steambots

Joe Perez | 16 Jul 2015 15:00
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Alongside the fantastic art, and the continuation of the story, there is also a short hobby section showing the basic techniques for painting up a small selection of the signature models released with this book. They show the colors used and give you step by steps from Priming through to final highlights. It's a very good step by step for beginners, and they do a great job of keeping it simple for easy mental consumption. It's a common practice for most miniature wargames to have a hobby section like this. This isn't a bad thing, as having a visual guide to help people that are potentially new to the hobby and looking for a quick start into how to paint. While it won't help everyone, for those that want to learn how to paint these are a nice bonus feature.


What's New?

With every new Warmachine book there are always a plethora of new toys to play with, and Reckoning is no different. This new book release actually has quite a bit. One of the reasons that advancing the narrative is important to the Warmachine universe is that it allows them to introduce not only new characters, solos, units and Warjacks, but new version of old Warcasters as well. Warcasters are the heart and soul of a Warmachine force, and not only are they the leader of your force, but they are also powerful combatants. Unlike many other mini wargames, where special or named characters have only a single definitive stat block, Privateer Press has a couple of options for most characters. Additionally, they continue to introduce new casters, or evolve old casters into new versions. In reckoning we get several new versions of some old favorites, including one of the more intriguing casters, Major Prime Victoria Haley, whose new version comes as Warcaster unit that can summon past and future versions of herself to fight alongside her, which allows her access to more spells and more offensive punch at a cost of focus. It's a really cool concept that I know quite a number of Cygnar players are looking forward to. There are new warcasters, such as Anson Durst, the holy paladin of Protectorate, and Thyron, the sword master for Retribution of Scyrah. Each adds varied new options for their respective factions with additional depth, and access to different theme forces for use.

Reckoning also marks the addition of a new faction, or contract as it were, in the form the the Cephalyx. These are not quite the undead of Cryx, but they aren't quite the living either. This contract consists of those that break the minds of captured forces from all over Immoren and combine them with machinery and mutation to make them into monstrosities. They are a "perfect" fusion of living flesh, metal, and bone. They represent a fate worse than death for those captured in battle, and have been attributed to several missing persons cases. They are a faction unto themselves, though they will work for Cryx, and they operate as Mercenaries while they continue their grotesque works. Players have been flocking to this new mercenary contract since they were announced earlier this year, but now that Reckoning is out we can see the official theme forces, and the first two Warcasters available. All-mercenaries forces got quite a bit with this new contract, with new units, solos, abominations and casters as well as theme lists.

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