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The Elder Scrolls Online Fails - Working as Intended

Joshua Vanderwall | 21 Apr 2014 15:00
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The Elder Scrolls Online offers players a huge open world, hundreds or even thousands of NPCs and quests, and a plethora of complex systems like Crafting. As with any MMO, you're bound to encounter a few issues, whether they're game breaking bugs or just questionable design decisions. Today we're going to look at a couple of each.


Pathing and collision glitches aren't exactly uncommon in games, and TESO is no exception. While you're out exploring Tamriel, be careful where you step, lest you end up falling through the world and floating in the endless void. Of course, you can always just use the "/stuck" command to ground yourself again, but that doesn't make the initial plummet any less disconcerting. I just hope they fix this before Oculus Rift support comes into play.

The Blind Leading the Blind
The Prophet is the pillar of the story quests from the moment you break him out of prison in Coldharbour. They make a point of mentioning that he's blind, so you have to be his guide. This doesn't stop them from making you follow him during later quests, though.

Of course, when you're following a blind man, expedience is not really an option. As I mentioned in my review, these unskippable, un-afkable extended animations can be a little frustrating if you're just trying to get on with the game. This gallery, for example, is just one of the missions where the blind Prophet is guiding you through an area where ghosts are parleying with one another. Where's the "/follow" command when you need it?

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