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Best Unintentionally Funny Video Games

The Escapist Staff | 25 Apr 2014 16:00
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Civilization Series

Civilization 5

Paul Says: Ah yes, the Civilization series, one of the most beloved of all turn-based strategy games, and one of the most insidiously addictive titles ever to steal your free time. But upon closer inspection, many of its game mechanics can get a tad... weird. Sometimes you'll find yourself climbing up your civilizations tech trees in odd ways, leading to circumstances where you're researching something like the combustion engine without actually having invented The Wheel. Warfare throughout the series has always varied between entries, but you'll have an occasional ludicrous battle where your modern battle tank is destroyed by a very lucky spear man. Anachronism abounds, where you build dozens of ancient wonders in famous cities like Pittsburgh, or there are massive world wars involving the likes of Japan, The Roman Empire and the Ottomans. Lastly, your interactions with the various world leaders can be equally (and unusually) hilarious. After all, everyone expects the Aztec ruler Montezuma to go around trying to crush everyone, but the one person you really have to keep an eye out for is the normally peace loving Ghandi, who, over the time span of the series, has developed a real strong love for nuclear weapons (and he ain't sure afraid to use them, either).

Basically Any Game with Ragdolls or Killcams


Justin Says: Once random chance, happenstance, and sometimes a bit of skill get involved, the sky really has no limit on the hilarious things that can happen during gaming. From Rube Goldberg-esque sequences where a grenade bounces off a helicopter, down a vent and blows up some unsuspecting victim to the sometimes hilariously improbable poses enemy NPCs get left in once you've wasted the whole room. These little humorous moments are what have us all watching replays and snagging screenshots for some meme. Hell, some gamers take it so a whole new level of challenge by piecing together the most elaborate ways to say kill someone in Battlefield.

What games did we miss? There are certainly plenty more. We spent a bunch of time discussing whether certain games were intentional or not, but let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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