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The Escapist Awards Winners - Game of the Year Goes to ...

The Escapist Staff | 30 Dec 2014 15:00
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A lot of crap hit the fan in 2014 and I'm not just talking about the Master Chief Collection. There were some culture wars and some collapsing currencies, but to paraphrase Tori Amos, it was still a pretty good year. We at The Escapist like to shine light on the artwork that lets use get through the bullshit: the movies that amaze, the comic books that delight, or the science that astonishes, and yes, the games that keep us playing until the wee hours of the night.

A few weeks ago we published the nominees for the expanded Escapist Awards of 2014. The aim of these Awards is to commemorate works from each of our five channels, celebrating that which was truly great this year. Today, we announce the winners in each of the categories below. Click on the link to jump to page for each category.

Video Games

Best Shooter of 2014
Best RPG of 2014
Best Strategy Game of 2014
Best Action/Adventure Game of 2014
Game of the Year 2014

Movies and TV

Best Movie of 2014
Best TV Series of 2014


Best Card Game of 2014
Best Board Game of 2014
Best Tabletop Roleplaying Game of 2014
Best RPG Supplement of 2014

Comics and Cosplay

Best Single Comic Book Issue of 2014
Best Comic Book Series of 2014
Best Comic Book Art of 2014
Best Comic Book Writing of 2014

Science and Tech

Best Gaming Mouse of 2014
Best Gaming Headset of 2014
Best Gaming Keyboard of 2014
Most Significant Breakthrough in Science & Technology of 2014

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