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8 Glorious Years of Zero Punctuation

Joshua Vanderwall | 14 Jul 2015 12:00
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With the announcements of the first new generation of consoles since Zero Punctuation's creation, Yahtzee couldn't very well not address that, now could he? He'll later do a more informed video on the new console generation, but he did what he could with the information available for this one. And it's better for it, I promise.


With E.T. The Extra Terrestrial making headlines (as the worst - but fortunately buried, but unfortunately unburied - game ever) Yahtzee decided to take a break from indie filler, and go straight to the source, reviewing a 30 year old game. Also, as the :37 mark proves, Yahtzee clearly missed his calling for advertising jingles.


We've done spinoffs before, but none quite so breathtakingly marvelous as 2015's Yahtzee-created video series, Judging by the Cover. Think spending four minutes analyzing the box art of a video game sounds boring? Yeah, it kind of does. Which is why this is so delightfully entertaining.

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