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World of Warcraft Legion Initial Thoughts - Give Us A Reason To Log In Again

John Keefer | 7 Aug 2015 15:30
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Q. Several characters seem to have prominent play in the expansion, according to the official site. Genn Greymane, Sylvanas Windrunner, Anduin Wrynn, Maiev Shadowsong, and even Illidan are back, along with some new characters. Which character do you want to see explored in more detail and why?

Ron: I'd love to see Blizzard really go in depth on Sylvanas. My first characters in WoW were Undead, and I always thought her story would be really cool to dig deeper into. That said, I also want to know what happened to Illidan after we killed him about a million times in Black Temple. How is he still alive?

Janelle: I definitely want to know more about Maiev Shadowsong. She always seemed like such an interesting and deep character. Plus, she's a night elf, which being my only true character, is near and dear to my heart. With the return of Illidan, she has renewed purpose, but... SHE KILLED HIM! Why is he back again? Obviously, this will not sit well with her at all.

Josh: I've always loved Illidan, personally. I'd love to see more about him. I like the character archetype: 'dude abandons his people in pursuit of power, with ambitions and motivations that aren't necessarily clear." I feel like there's a lot they can do with him.

John: I'm intrigued by Anduin. He really grew up quite a bit in Mists of Pandaria. The proposed character development explains that "Anduin will learn the true cost of peace ... and whether he is willing to pay it" so I will be curious to see if Anduin goes through a crisis of conscience that Arthas did when he became the Lich King. Can the Alliance handle another defection to the dark side?

Q. We are finally getting a new class called the Demon Hunter. With all the expansions, this is only the second hero class to come out, the first being the Death Knight. What do you think of the concept and do you think it will work?

Ron: I don't see why not. The Death Knight is still a really popular class, and I'm sure the Demon Hunter will be too. The only catch is that Blizzard needs to be careful balancing it to make sure that it doesn't become the "best of the best" class. I like the concept of a mobile melee DPS, and I hope they maintain the theme by making Demon Hunters agility-based tanks, heavy on dodge and avoidance.

Janelle: Why is the demon hunter a melee class? Ultimately, it sounds very much like Druid kitty DPS. I hope there are enough differences that make it stand out, but doesn't become the must have class like Death Knights were for a while.

Josh: Don't forget the monk! It will definitely work to some extent. Dedicated alt-ists will want to cap him out. I do feel like making him a melee class is going to drastically reduce the interest of Diablo fans, though.

John: This will be a very intriguing class, depending on implementation, of course. As Ron said, the greatest challenge to a new Hero class is balancing it against all the other classes in the game. The Death Knight started as a Hero, but between nerfs and redesigns, I doubt anyone really thinks of it as anything more than just another class. I'd like to see if they can keep the Demon Hunter as a true hero type, with limitations in other areas of balance instead of a rock-paper-scissors type of balance.

Q. New Artifact weapons are planned, and, based on the video, it looks like they will be able to be augmented in some way that allows them to act as Heirlooms. What are your thoughts on this?

Ron: I think the artifact weapons have the potential to be really cool, or really annoying, depending on the implementation. I like the idea that each spec has its own artifact, but what about players who play multiple specs regularly? Do they have to do the grind twice? If I typically tank, but the guild needs me to DPS, do I have to do so with a substandard weapon? I'm sure Blizzard has thought of these questions, but we haven't heard them mention anything about this yet.

Furthermore, I think Blizzard needs to be really careful that the "leveling up" of Artifact weapons doesn't feel like it was designed solely as a time sink, or they could lose people's interest. It's a cool idea, it just needs careful implementation.

Janelle: I like the idea of leveling up weapons, as long as it's a time substitute for getting better ones in raids. Unfortunately, Artifacts already sound like they are at the top of the weapon tiers, so I'm not sure how this won't just turn out into another time sink. It will give end-gamers more min/maxing content to peruse though. And as a life-long Druid, I hate that they are spec dependent. I really loved re-specing often and WoW seems to have moved further and further away from that.

Josh: As above, I think we'll need more information before we can make any conclusive statements, but my inclination is the same. The concept has been done already. Not only that, it's been done in WoW already. They really need to do something to set it apart.

John: I always liked the idea of magic weapons that gained experience with me as I leveled. As with all of these early reveals, implementation is key, but I'd love to see a strong lore associated with each of these, with the player's adventures being added to that lore as the weapon levels. Wouldn't it be cool if they could add some sort of random intelligence to it that made it incredibly unpredictable?

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