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Six Games That Give You Nightmares Forever

Nick Monroe | 26 Oct 2015 18:30
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Developed/Published by Worlds Inc. Released April 1995.

Do video games ever "die"?

One of the earliest virtual chatrooms was first brought online in 1995, with the release of Think of it as Second Life, but if an apocalypse happened and the population disappeared. People still play today, if they manage to get the outdated game client to work on their system.

In 1995, Pearson PLC gave Worlds Inc $5.6m to establish a multi-user 3D environment. They worked with Sprint and Intel to create virtual reality experiences for communication needs. Steven Spielberg at one point worked with for a project. By 1999, businesses invested $20 million into this project. Famous people such as David Bowie commissioned their own areas in Another example that caught media attention was the construction of the New York Yankees stadium.

The hype seemed to be infinite. But like all trends on the internet, everyone in the userbase moved on to the next big craze. All the buildings and monuments this virtual universe had created, laid empty and barren. Frozen in time. The places of are stuck in the year 1999. Nobody ever modernizes the creations within. Forever in a stasis, a monument to a bygone era.

Gardens made of giant hands. Cartoonish backyards with frogs and dogs that just stare at you. An upside down house, carousels in outer space, things that don't even have names are possible. Some places in degraded into glitch filled hell zones that just crash your computer. Others, are simulations of actual hell.

The people who remain in this virtual world grew more twisted as the years went by. The emptiness started to settle in, many of the regulars became wanderers. No matter what new avatar skin or player costume they put on, the people became more empty inside. These days, the loyalists lurk in red dog masks, trying to find fresh faces to recruit. The red dog is the symbol of "Nexialist", one of the oldest players in existance. Rumors say that Nexialist is the CEO of, inc - Thom Kidrin. He's wandering the infinite halls of his domain.

It's believed Thom Kidrin is able to maintain as a result of the lawsuits he waged over patents. Kidrin maintains to establish that he uses the 3D environment patents that his company owns. is a scary game because it's a desolate internet universe long forgotten about. The unlimited creative freedom people had in constructing their own corner of this strange land had a dark side. People used to experiment with their imaginations. A tomb of a long gone Internet age, the closest thing we'll ever see to a dead video game.

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