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Top 100 Pokemon - From 100 to 86

Steven Bogos | 21 Feb 2016 12:00
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There are a lot of Pokemon out there. With the release of X and Y, the number is now over 700. So, when we thought of doing our "best of" Pokemon list to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, we didn't just stop at eight, or 10, or even 50. We went full balls-to-the-wall and decided to rank all 721 of the little monsters. At least, that was the initial plan, until words like "ridiculous", "time-consuming" and "budget" were thrown around, knocking us back down to a top 100. But that's still pretty good!

The top 100 Pokemon of all time isn't based on a single, solid criteria, and instead factors in the Pokemon's battle strength, cuteness, coolness factor, iconic status, and design. It's a list of all of our favorites here at The Escapist, and we hope it will include a bunch of yours too. Today, we are looking at number 86-100, a set of Pokemon that aren't super popular, but are nonetheless still important in Pokemon history.

Note: All images courtesy of Bulbapedia.


100. Omanyte

I'll be honest, the only reason Omanyte is even on this list was because of the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing. All hail lord helix!

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