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Top 100 Pokemon - From 55 to 41

Liz Finnegan | 24 Feb 2016 12:00
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Welcome back, Escapists! Today we're tackling 55-41 on our top 100 Pokemon countdown. Today, some of my personal favorites will be covered - including a few that I would have placed higher, but it's a collaborative effort and I'm just glad they made it at all. Today, we'll be looking at some that are electrifying, some that are legendary, some that are just plain cute, and one of the most versatile Pokemon in the game.


55. Darkrai

Darkrai is the Freddy Kruger of the Pokemon world - able to inhabit dreams, as well as cause its foes to suffer from unending nightmares. It's incredibly fast, and also has exclusive access to Dark Void, which causes other Pokemon to fall asleep. In order to, you know, inhabit their dreams. Short story: if you see one, run - if you can.

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