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Top 100 Pokemon - From 25 to 11

Liz Finnegan | 26 Feb 2016 12:00
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Welcome back, Escapists! In case you haven't noticed, we've spent the past week counting down the 100 top Pokemon in celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary. Today is a special day - we're breaking the top 25! From the strange to the strong, the cute to the capable, here are numbers 25-11 on our list. Be sure to check in tomorrow when we finish out our list with the top 10 Pokemon!


25. Umbreon

All hail Umbreon, supreme leader of the -eons! Umbreon has earned such a title thanks to the fact that it was - drumroll - the very first Dark type Pokemon to be featured in the games. It's super dark, pure dark. It's also a total badass, and without any reservation, I hereby dub Umbreon the greatest of the Eeveelutions. What a great way to kick off the top 25!

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