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The Top 10 Pokemon of All Time

Steven Bogos | 27 Feb 2016 12:00
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This is it, boys and girls. We are now down to the top ten Pokemon of all time. These Pokemon were chosen due to either their incredible popularity, their in-game strength, or their iconic status. These are the monsters that people think about when you say "Pokemon". Each of them has fought hard to make it to the top ten, and we at The Escapist all believe that they deserve their places.

Before we dive into the top 10, here's a refresher of #100-#11:

As for the top 10, Let's start with a relative newcomer.


10. Lucario

Lucario is one of the newest Pokemon on this list, having made its debut in Diamond and Pearl. It instantly proved to be a fan-favorite, and went on to replace Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character. It also featured quite extensively in the anime, and has become one of the most recognizable faces of the franchise.

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