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The Evolution of Link - How Hyrule's Hero Changed Over 30 Years

Liz Finnegan | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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2001 - Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages


A Link to the Past introduced two different realms. Ocarina of Time introduced two different timelines. And the Oracle pair introduced two different concepts that served to contribute to a single, interconnected story. Link spends his time manipulating either time or the weather, completing dungeons, and kicking butt. While they may be different games, they were always meant to be together. Link looked a lot like he appeared in Link's Awakening, except newer. And shinier.

2002 - Four Swords


The re-release of A Link to the Past came with an included multiplayer option - Four Swords. While not a full game on its own, one day it would be. This made use of the Link Cable, and encouraged two to four players to work together to solve unique puzzles. Link wasn't going alone anymore - there were four Links!

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