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The Evolution of Link - How Hyrule's Hero Changed Over 30 Years

Liz Finnegan | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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2004 - The Minish Cap


The Minish Cap is the smallest Link. No, really, he shrinks. This takes him on a massive adventure into a pint-sized land. It was a good looking game, and it gave some serious personality to Link's standard attire.

2006 - Twilight Princess


Link as Link was stunning from a design perspective in Twilight Princess. He was dark and mature. But the real star of the game was wolf Link. The game took the shapeshifting from Majora's Mask and made it even cooler, with Link assuming his canine throughout the course of the game. He also made friends with one of the coolest, and coolest looking, characters from any of the Zelda titles, Midna.

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