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The Evolution of Link - How Hyrule's Hero Changed Over 30 Years

Liz Finnegan | 24 Feb 2016 15:00
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2011 - Skyward Sword


Toon Link returned for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, but Link grew up once more in Skyward Sword. This time, however, Link's look would include lighter primary colors and baggier pants. Controlling him changed a lot as well. This game fully utilized the Wii's motion controller, with you swooshing and slicing through enemies. Link had a lot of character and personality in this one, too. Link also came equipped with a stamina meter, but the most interesting thing he equipped was the Beetle, one of the coolest items in the franchise.

2013 - A Link Between Worlds


Link was a work of art in A Link Between Worlds. Seriously. In A Link Between Worlds, Link was given the ability to turn into a two dimensional painting. This helped him sneak, and of course there were some special puzzles that utilized this new feature.

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