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Ashes of the Singularity - Post-Humans

Stardock | 10 Mar 2016 15:00
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Historical Essay: The formation of the Post-Human Coalition

Haalee's suggestion that the Post-Humans form a government was taken and with her help the Post-Human Coalition was formed.
Since there were potentially billions of Post-Humans to exist in the future and only a very finite number of suitable planets that could be converted into Turinium, a set of rules was put in place to ensure that it wasn't a mad rush for the first Post-Humans to claim the known universe.

The Post-Human Coalition charter enforced a handful of rules:

1. Only uninhabited worlds could be converted. If that planet had complex forms of life then it was off limits.
2. Worlds would be assigned by the Post-Human Coalition Advisory council.
3. Violators of #1 or #2 would be punished by the PHC.

In addition, Haalee created a doctrine for the orderly conversion of a planet.

Phase 1: Nanoprepping a planet

Using Quantum Streaming, the PHC could manipulate atoms in one place they controlled to manipulate their cosmic twin in another distant location. Through this technology a single nanobot could be formed with a simple program to create more nanbots. These "nans" would then expand across the planet to concentrate resources based on their use: Metal and Radioactives.

Artist sketch of a Turinium generator

Phase 2: Turinium Generation

The ultimate purpose of a planet is to be transformed into Turinium. Metal and radioactives are merely the building blocks used to execute the transformation.

Since each Post-Human has their own unique Turinium signature, Turinium generators stay idle until the assigned Post-Human uploads sufficient data for the generator to reach critical mass and begin transforming the planet's mass into Turinium.

Phase 3: The Nexus

The Nexus is the most sophisticated piece of technology the human race has come up with thus far. It is the latest iteration in PHC capability for managing constructs on planets and moons that may be dozens of light years away from the nearest Turinium node.

It takes trillions of nano machines to prepare a planet for Turinium colonization. However, those nans have no true intelligence. They are running software that automates their activities. Moreover, the Nans cannot create Turinium. That requires a Post-Human presence due to the sheer magnitude of data transfer required.

For a Post-Human to have agency on a planet that planet must have a Nexus. The current Nexus platform (NX-2178) is the result of many different iterations to the original concept including, regrettably, the need for significant defensive capabilities.

Phase 4: Constructs

The early Nexus designs were predicated on giving instructions to the trillions of nans already on the surface of a given planet. With the NX-2169, the Nexus itself began to produce its own construct called an Engineer.

Through this doctrine of nano-prepping a planet, installing a Nexus and producing Engineers, a planet could be efficiently converted into Turinium. Unfortunately, this process did not work for long due to the claim jumpers and general violators of the PHC accords. In order to bring peace to the chaos, the PHC was forced to militarize.

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