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This Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Build Is Overpowered on PTR

CJ Miozzi | 10 Mar 2016 09:00
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This Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 Demon Hunter build is blasting into Greater Rifts in the 90s on the Public Test Realm. Here's how you can kick ass with it, too.

Note: This build was created on the Public Test Realm, where balance changes may still occur. Check back in the future for any updates to this guide in accordance with balance changes.

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Patch 2.4.1 is seeing buffs coming to the Demon Hunter's Marauder set and The Shadow's Mantle set. Marauder's 4-piece bonus damage is being increased by 33 percent, while the Shadow's 2-piece bonus damage is being doubled. This build takes advantage of both of those buffs to showcase the power of these combined sets on the Public Test Realm.

1. Gear

Demon Hunter Gear Diablo

Demon Hunter Gear Diablo Cube

To run this build, you need four pieces of Marauders and two pieces of Shadows. It doesn't matter how you mix-and-match the equipment slots, so long as you have the 4/2 split to benefit from Marauder's 4-piece bonus and Shadow's 2-piece.

The Sword of Ill Will is essential, as it will make our Chakram deal more damage for every point of Hatred we have. The Bombardiers Rucksack will allow us to have more sentries out while giving us a huge buff to our sentry damage.

Zoeys Secret will serve as our main source of survivability. Combined with a Cloak of the Garwulf in our Kanai's Cube, we will have a total of seven pets out, granting us up to 63% damage reduction. To further that damage reduction, we'll be using the Wraps of Clarity.

We want to work Focus and Restraint into this build in order to more than double our damage, and a Hellfire Amulet would be our best-in-slot neck choice. A cubed Dawn will enable us to maintain permanent Vengeance, while a cubed Convention of Elements will grant us a sizable damage buff.

Click through these images for all the gear pieces you want equipped and the optimal stats on each. Wherever possible, get a secondary resistance.

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