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Battleborn vs. Overwatch - What's the difference?

CJ Miozzi | 25 Mar 2016 01:00
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3. Characters

Battleborn will feature a roster of 25 playable characters upon release. Each of these "battleborn" is associated with one of five factions and is classified as either a Supporter, Attacker, or Defender. Beyond this base classification, each battleborn is given two additional tags, such as "stealth" and "assassin" or "mobile" and "pusher." Character design is incredibly imaginative: we can see an elven archer fighting alongside a dapper steampunk robot, an anthropomorphic hawk battling a Lucha Libre mexican wrestler, and even an adorable little penguin in a mecha battle suit rubbing shoulders with an... anthropomorphic mushroom? Mushrooms were definitely involved in the creation of these caricatures.

Overwatch will feature 21 playable heroes upon release that can be grouped into four roles: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Since it may not be immediately obvious what the distinction between Defense and Tank is, Defense characters are designed to protect and control areas of the battlefield. The heroes of Overwatch are not as over-the-top as those of Battleborn, but they are each instantly recognizable and replete with personality: the dwarven engineer, the gorilla scientist, the transforming robot, the cyber-angel... The distinction here between Overwatch and Battleborn, reflected in character design, art direction, and overall tone, is that Overwatch doesn't take itself too seriously - whereas Battleborn doesn't take itself seriously at all. One can even call Battleborn a comedy.

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