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The 5 Best Changes Pokemon Sun and Moon Made

Steven Bogos | 24 Nov 2016 10:00
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3: You can heal status effects with Pokemon Refresh

Having a Pokemon get put to sleep, or paralyzed, or poison during battle was annoying not only because it affected its battling prowess, but also because the status condition persisted after the battle was over. So, your poor 'mon would stay poisoned until you either got to a Poke-center or used an antidote on it. In Sun and Moon you can cure status conditions with Pokemon Refresh - the successor to X and Y's "play-with-your-pokemon" feature: Pokemon Amie. Healing status conditions is now as simple as pressing "Y" at the end of a battle, and feeding your Pokemon some medicine. As an added bonus, every time you do so, it'll increase your Pokemon's affection towards you!


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