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The 5 Best Changes Pokemon Sun and Moon Made

Steven Bogos | 24 Nov 2016 10:00
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5: Rotom Dex

This time around, your Pokedex is actually inhabited by Rotom, the friendly electric ghost Pokemon! As well as his charming personality, Rotom brings with him some new goodies. First and foremost, the game's in-game map has been substantially upgraded. Getting lost was a big problem in previous games, but thanks to the Rotom Dex, your "goal" is always clearly marked, and I always knew exactly where to go. Other new features, like the ability to scan QR codes to add Pokemon to your Pokedex, and the "Pokemon Snap"-esque Poke-finder that lets you snap pictures of Pokemon, help make it the best iteration of the Pokedex we've ever seen.


These are our favorite additions that Sun and Moon has made to the Pokemon formula! We're still making our way through the game right now, but stay tuned for our full review next week!

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