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The Ten Journey to Un'Goro Cards That Will Define The Meta

Steven Bogos | 6 Apr 2017 15:35
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Earlier, we looked at eight of the absolute worst cards of Hearthstone's new Journey to Un'Goro expansion. Now, we're doing the opposite, and having a look at some of the best cards. These are the cards that will define the meta of the game in the coming months, in the way that Patches The Pirate, Dr. Boom did in prior expansions.

Let's start with the best of the bunch:


The Hunter Quest legendary: The Marsh Queen, tasks players with playing seven one cost minions, and rewards them with a five mana 8/8. That alone would make it a pretty damn good card, but the 8/8 then shuffles fifteen 1 mana 3/2's into your deck with the battlecry "draw a card". That's absolutely insane. Coupled with stuff like Trunda Rhino, you can have a full board of 3/2 charges in one turn. With the new Dinomancy card that changes the Hunter hero power to "give a beast +2/+2", you can get a three mana 5/4 every single turn.

Many pro streamers have already called this card broken. Lifecoach reportedly told Blizzard on an special invite-only tour, not to print this card because it would destroy the meta if they did, and make Quest Hunter the only deck worth playing. If you only craft one legendary in Journey to Un'Goro, craft this one!

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