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Get to Legend With These Six Pro Journey to Un'Goro Decks

Steven Bogos | 19 Apr 2017 10:00
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Are you still stuck middling around rank 20 in Hearthstone? Chances are you're just not using a deck that has been optimized well enough to climb the ladder. Fear not, faithful readers, for we have scoured the internet in search of the best legend-capable decks on the internet since the launch of this month's Journey to Un'Goro expansion. These are the decks that the pro-est of pro Hearthstone players have used the get all the way to that shiny Legend tier.

Quest Rogue

Let's start with a little gem that everyone in the Hearthstone community loves to hate: Quest Rogue. Pro player Dog managed to pilot this deck to Legend on the very first day of the expansion!

The Deck:


How to play it:

Quest Rogue revolves around the rogue legendary quest: The Caverns Below. The quest tasks you with playing "four minions with the same name." You do this by "bouncing" minions back to your hand with cards like shadowstep and Gadgetzan Ferryman. You basically want to pick a low cost minion, like Southsea Deckhand, Novice Engineer or Swashbuckler, and try to play it four times. So, it's very important that you mulligan for your bounce effects. If you don't get them in your opening hand, use tools like Eviscerate and Backstab to stall your opponent. If you've "committed" to a minion, make sure you can always bounce it back to your hand at the end of your turn.

Once you complete the quest, be sure to use Preparation before casting it. This way, you can often activate the quest on the same turn you get it, transforming your entire board into 5/5s. Once your quest is finished, use cheap charge cards like Patches the Pirate, Stonetusk Boar and Southsea Deckhand to finish off your opponent with 5/5 charges.

How to counter it:

There are two hard counters to Quest Rogue. The first is to disrupt their combo with Dirty Rat. If you can manage to pull a card out of their hand that they have committed to, it is very easy to beat them. The second is to simply kill them quickly. Quest Rogue spends their first four turns setting up the combo, so aggro decks like Pirate Warrior and Zoolock can absolutely destroy them. Try to mulligan for early minions if you know you are playing a Quest Rogue. If you're playing a quest deck yourself, it may even be worth mulliganing your quest.


There are quite a few tweaks you can make to this deck. Moroes and Violet Teacher can be replaced by Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental for more consistent activators for the quest. Glacial Shard is also a popular choice, as it can assist in stalling your opponent long enough to complete the quest. Vanish is another decent tech choice, especially as it can help you win mirror matches.

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