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How Much is $2.5 Billion in Minecraft Terms?

Robert Rath | 18 Sep 2014 12:30
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On Tuesday, the internet exploded with the news that Microsoft purchased Minecraft creator Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars.

Let's let that sink in for a second: $2.5 billion dollars. Even the number itself - $2,500,000,000 - is so outsized we have to shorthand it for easy reading.

It's a hard number to wrap your head around, quite possibly larger than the total net worth of everyone who reads this column. So is there a way to visualize exactly how much money that is?

To do so, let's take the most appropriate route and compare it to objects in Minecraft. How many Gold Cubes could one buy with two and a half billion? What about horses, castles or coca beans? And is Mojang really worth this ludicrous cash pile?

Gold Cubes

We all know a great game is worth its weight in gold - so let's see how many gold blocks Minecraft is worth.

First off, it's been well-established that the real life size of a Minecraft brick would be one cubic meter, so we just need to find how much one cubic meter of gold is worth.

Thankfully, figuring out the weight of a one cubic meter of gold is a fairly common math problem, so the answer - 19,300 kilograms - is easily available online.
So with gold currently trading at $39,657.95 USD per kilogram, the value of a single gold block would be $765,398,435. With $2.5 billion, you could afford 3.27 gold blocks.

But you might have to build a reinforced vault to store them. Gold is one of the densest metals on Earth, and one cubic meter is a lot of it. In fact, each block would weigh around 42,549 pounds, or the same as eight and a half Ford F-150 pickup trucks. If you stacked them on top of each other (because you know you would) they'd form a column three feet across and 10 feet eight inches tall.

That's nearly seventy tons of solid, 24 karat gold.

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