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Yahtzee's Prototype vs. InFamous Challenge

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw | 3 Jul 2009 03:37
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In my recent Prototype Vs. InFamous video you may remember that I found myself unable to honestly call either game the best. Both were stronger in individual areas - Infamous wins on story and side missions while Prototype wins on combat and dick potential - but overall they balance each other out. I wasn't satisfied, though. There has to be a winner, if only to decide which name to read out first when giving out the joint prize. So at the end of that video I suggested an unbiased tie-breaker that could be kept unaffected by actual game quality. Namely, which of the two studios could produce the best image of the rival game's main character wearing women's lingerie.

Well, imagine my surprise when representatives from both Sucker Punch and Radical announced their intention to take this final showdown seriously. So, without further ado, let's set out on this visual odyssey, and never speak of it again.

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