There was one thing about Castlevania: Lords of Go Fuck Yourselves that I forgot to mention in the video, and that's the camera. Oh, hang on, I guess I did mention that, at length. But there's an aspect of it I didn't touch upon, and that's the fact that it wavers as if it's being operated hand-held by an amateur operator.

I don't know if this is some kind of new trend, but I've noticed it in this, Kane & Lynch 2, and to a lesser extent Dead To Rights: Retribution. Is it in some way connected to the trend for handheld-style films like Blair Witch, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity? Is the thinking that it will give the game some air of gritty realism and therefore integrity? Because it doesn't. It really, really doesn't. At best it makes me feel like my character was having a hot bath and suddenly stood up very fast.

DTR:R just had this slightly sickening wobble going on whenever you ran forward, but both K&L2 and C:LoS feature a camera that wavers by itself even if you're not doing anything. And in either case it just doesn't work. You know how I know? Because I noticed it. This goes back to what I was saying last week about immersion - if you ever find yourself noticing the actual mechanics of a game, then you're obviously not into it. The camera is supposed to be nothing more than a basic necessity to conveying the experience, like the paper a book is printed on. If the camera's doing anything that draws my attention to it it's like printing a book on tin foil or slices of processed cheese.

At least Kane & Lynch 2 was trying deliberately to look like amateur camcorder footage, even if it was for God knows what reason, and even if it raised the question of who the hell was holding the camcorder, why they never spoke or tried to help out and why they kept jumping piggy-back style onto the protagonists' shoulders whenever they took aim. But who the hell is holding the camera in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, high above Gabriel Belmont's protracted skirmishes? Some kind of renegade cherub making a documentary?

The last game that specifically drew attention to the camera was Mario 64, and only because it was relatively new technology. At the beginning they established that the controllable camera was being held on a fishing line by a small cloud monster. But who was filming whenever the cloud monster was on screen, Nintendo? You won't be lasting long if you keep trying to feed us that kind of bullshit.


"i think you should stop using the whole 'like God of War ... but' joke ... it's getting old."
- ranyilliams

You know what, it's getting old for me, too. The whole "like God of War" thing smacks a little too much of how we used to call sandbox games "GTA clones," or even further back when FPSes were "Doom clones." God of War is just becoming a new genre, that's all.

NO. Fuck that. God of War was already in a genre and it's called "Hack and Slash." And there have been plenty of those that aren't like God of War. Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta, Darksiders, yes, I know I called two of those "like God of War" in their individual videos but I was running with a thing; they're not on the same wavelength. There aren't enough supplementary adjectives in the world to create a genre title specific enough to replace "like God of War."

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