What do you guys expect to see at this year's show?

imageYahtzee: I expect Nintendo to continue pulling this massive, multi-billion-dollar practical joke it's been playing for the last few years. "Casual gaming and motion controls are the future," it declared. "Look, we're doing it too, look!" cried Sony and Microsoft desperately. "LOL J/K," went Nintendo. "Here's some overbloated hardware paid for by all the shitheads and their money."

So I expect Nintendo to wheel out all the usual franchises, and I expect that before the other two drop Kinect and Move like a hot coal covered in sick they will bring some games out to make some attempt to squeeze whatever money remains in the whole sorry business. Anyone who buys them is a traitor to us all.

imageJames Portnow: Dreamcast 2...oh wait that's the next question.

Really, more of the same. I expect to hear the words "cutting edge" "graphical fidelity" and "Xtreme!1!" a great deal of talk about the "success of the motion control experiment". We'll probably get the rumor mill running about the next generation as well.

imageJim Sterling: Well, my next video has a list of some of the games I'm looking forward to seeing, but as far as major announcements go, I think we more or less all know what to expect. The big talking points will undoubtedly be the NGP and Project Cafe, with Nintendo's new console dominating the headlines. As far as Microsoft, who knows? The previous two years have seen Microsoft with some very dull press conferences, both of them being used primarily to pimp Project Natal/Xbox Kinect. It seems that, while motion control is falling out of favor with everybody, Microsoft will continue to promote its waggle sensor. When MS has committed to invest in something, it seems reluctant to just call it quits (see: Japan), so I'm expecting a whole bunch of Kinect titles that nobody cares about, and that one Star Wars game.

Barring all that, what do you wish would be there but isn't going to be?

imageJames Portnow: People who buy games...

(Though If S-E decides to surpise us with a Thief announcement, I'll be pretty excited)

Wow, I sound like a jaded git. Didn't think I'd be taking that role ; )

imageYahtzee: As implied above, I try not to hope for anything. Which is depressing in the short term but in the long run I make a net gain. I guess I wish to see some explanation for what, exactly, you're supposed to use a touchscreen in a controller for when there's another, much bigger screen in the room.

imageJim Sterling: Edge of Twilight. My first E3 saw me nab my first big exclusive, the debut trailer for Fuzzyeye's steampunk-themed action/adventure title. Sadly, financial issues have put the title in jeopardy and its status is very much in the "nobody knows if it'll ever see the light of day" category. I was definitely hoping to see more from the game soon, and would've loved to have gotten confirmation that Fuzzyeyes would be in town, but no dice. It's a shame, because the studio had a commitment to narrative that is increasingly rare these days. The guys had a ridiculous amount of heart. Sadly, they didn't have as much cash.

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