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Two to four.


  • 1x six-sided die.
  • 1x pawn for each player.
  • Approximately 50x chips or tokens to use as in-game currency.
  • The game board (or a facsimile).


The first player to reach the finish line wins.

Setting Up:

All players place their pawns on the start space to begin. At the start of the game, all players have zero coins. The player with the closest birthday will go first.

How to Play:

During their turn, players will roll the die, and then make one of two choices:

  • Move forward the number of spaces they rolled.
  • Collect a number of coins equal to the value rolled.

A player can only choose one of these two options each turn. Therefore, if a player chooses to collect coins, that player does not move that turn.

To win, a player must land exactly on the "finish" space. For example, if a player is three spaces from the finish, and rolls a five, that player can not move that turn.

Lock Spaces:

Lock spaces are marked with an image of a lock, and a numerical value. In order to pass a lock space, one player has to pay a number of coins equal to the value on the space.

If a player reaches an unpaid lock space on his turn, that player must stop on the lock space and can not proceed until the price has been paid. Any player can choose to pay off a lock space on the turn they land on it. The player who pays off a lock space then rolls again that turn.

Once one player unlocks a space, that space is unlocked for all players.

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