Apply for Job:

Applying for an open job position means you're trying to sound qualified by reading up on the company, and looking up what the hell half those job responsibilities even mean. In order to complete your application and send it off, you'll need 3 pieces of research (number cards, 2 through 10, of the right suit).

Similar to searching for a job, on your turn you'll draw three cards from the deck and place them face up. If none of the cards are number cards in the right suit, all three get placed face up in the discard pile, and your turn ends.

If any number cards are the same suit as the position, you can place those next to the position in front of you, face up. The remaining cards get discarded, and your turn then ends.

Once you have three pieces of research, your application has been officially completed. Move to the "Update your Resume" space, and end your turn. Of course, there is one more thing...

Waiting for a Job Interview:

When a player completes a job application, that player receives a small, teeny tiny chance of being called in for an interview. Whenever you complete a job application, before you end your turn, choose a number from 1 to 20 (the number must be one that no other player has yet chosen as an interview number).

From this point forward, at the start of every turn you'll roll the 20-sided interview die. If our interview number is rolled, congratulations! You've been called in for an interview. If not, the turn proceeds as normal.

Getting called in how an interview isn't easy. So how do you increase your chances? Keep playing! Every time you complete the job loop, you'll earn another interview number. The more numbers you have, the greater your chance of rolling one of those numbers.

Changing Professions:

Whenever you complete the job loop and land on "Update your Resume," you have the option of changing professions. Doing so may increase you odds if too many other players share your same current profession.

To choose a new profession, pick up your four profession cards from the beginning of the game. Choose one, and play it face down in front of you. Once you've done so, you can proceed to the next space and end your turn.

If you choose to keep your profession, simply skip "Update your Resume" and proceed to "Find a Job Opening"

The Job Interview:

The interview itself is a complete blur. You barely remember what happened, but you're fairly certain you didn't blow it. In either place, being called in for an interview allows you to choose a number from 1 to 8 (that hasn't already been chosen by another player for the Job Offer die). This is your offer number. And like interview numbers, you can collect a number of these to increase your chances.

Once you've completed at least one interview, you'll start every turn by rolling the 8-sided job offer die, then rolling the job interview die. If one of your offer numbers if rolled, congratulations! You've just been offered the job.

The Job Offer:

The first player to be offered a job wins. Salary negotiations are another game entirely.

End of Deck:

If at any point there are less than three cards in the deck when drawing, the discard pile gets re-shuffled into the deck. Again, it's the internet -- so shuffle well.

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