There are a couple long speeches, you all throw your hats, and that's it. Somebody's popped the safe and serene bubble of academia, and now you need to find a job. And for better or worse, you're not alone. Your entire graduating year has begun hitting the job sites, searching for careers befitting to their surprisingly non-technical majors.

Your task is clear: Get a job as soon as possible, before your friends take all the good ones. Hopefully it'll be one you actually like.


3 to 5


  • The game board (or a facsimile)
  • Profession Cards (one of each for all players)
  • Deck of playing cards
  • One 20-sided die
  • One 8-sided die
  • Pen and paper (to keep track of potential interviews and job offers)
  • 1 pawn for each player (to track progress on the game board)

Setting Up

The deck of playing cards represents the internet, so make sure it's really well shuffled.

All players start on the "Update your Resume" space on the game board.

Each player should have four profession cards: writer (Heart), artist (Club), musician (Spade), and filmmaker (Diamond). Without showing their opponents, each player should choose one card and place it in front of them face down. This is your chosen career path (you know, for now).

Once all players have chosen their professions, they can all move to step 2: "Find a Job Opening." It's harder than step 1.

How to Play

Gameplay always moves from oldest player to youngest (since the older players have been looking for jobs longer). What a player does during his turn depends on what space that player occupies on the board.

Find a Job Opening:

Looking for a job means scouring the internet for postings relevant to your profession. Relevant openings are face cards (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) of the same suit as your profession. If you find one, you get to compose your application (yay!). If you don't find one, you need to keep looking.

On your turn, draw three cards from the internet and place them face up next to the deck. If none of the cards are relevant job openings, all three get placed face up in the discard pile, and your turn ends.

If one of three cards is a job opening in your profession, place that card in front of you face up, and discard the other two. You can then advance to the "Apply for Job" space, and your turn ends.

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