Erin Hoffman's Inside Job

Erin Hoffman's Inside Job
Inside Job: Getting Real about Kids and Games

Erin Hoffman | 5 Oct 2007 17:00
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It is time to stop reacting to negative press and to start creating positive press of our own. More people in the mainstream need to know about Child's Play and Get Well Gamers. They need to know about Games for Health. But all of this starts with the parents, who so desperately want someone on their side. We have a phenomenal opportunity right now, with sentiment toward videogames beginning to improve with the introduction of the Wii and breakthrough after breakthrough in interactive medical science. It is time to stop dismissing and alienating parents and extended families - who incidentally are some of the strongest market forces supporting the industry - and start showing them they can make their kids happy and be good parents at the same time. It starts with getting real about their concerns and treating them with respect.

In the next two weeks, I'm going to venture out into the rural streets of my very remote upstate New York town, and I'm going to talk to parents. I'm going to talk to people that are entirely baffled by videogames and the videogame phenomenon, and I'm going to bring that information back so we can begin doing what the politicians are not: Looking for the truth and giving parents some real answers.

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