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LRR <3 PAX East

Kathleen De Vere | 19 Apr 2012 12:00
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This video is our PAX East roundup. While it can't show you everything that we did at PAX, hopefully it lets you on a bit of the fun from the weekend. PAX is literally one of my favourite places to be, so if you're ever waffling on attending, just go. It's great fun and full of awesome and hopefully this video translates at least half of the goodness.

For those of you who are wondering why you keep seeing the Magic card Bump in the Night show up, I'll do my best to explain. After becoming something of a meme in our group of friends, we decided that the card Bump in the Night would make a neat game to incorporate into our live appearances. If you bring us a Bump in the Night (a commonly available card that DID cost about $0.05) we would give you a secret prize. A very small secret prize. However, we didn't account for how ... seriously some people would take the challenge. A member of the LRR forum by the name of Lord Hosk tracked down every single Bump in the state of Alaska. Another forum member who goes by the name Psychopez (you can see him in the all-Bump hat) tracked down a further 500 or so. Over the course of the weekend we were probably given close to 500 Bump in the Nights. We also discovered we had caused an imbalance in the Bump market. The card now costs $0.25, so we're clearly poised for a big return.

You'll also notice that we shot a small scene from last week's video The 720th Degree, during our panel. Graham edited that scene into the video while we kept running the Q&A, then premiered the completed episode for the panel. This is the sort of wacky stuff you can expect from our panels. We hope to see you at the next one!

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