This Loading Time covers something fairly unusual for LoadingReadyRun: time off! Through the incredibly generous patronage of one Steve Dengler (follow him on Twitter - he's @Dracogen) Matt, James, Graham and I were able to fly from Victoria to Burbank, stay in a hotel for the weekend and play in the second annual Child's Play Charity Golf Tournament, where we honored his patronage by doing decently, considering two of us had never swung a full 18 holes before.

But honestly, I would like to use this blog post to thank Steve for offering to sponsor us and sending us on that trip. So who is Steve? Well, first of all, he's the co-founder of, the currency conversion site you use all the time. Seriously, Steve heard "I use your site every day" so much he had it printed on his business cards ... Also known as Dracogen, Steve is what one would call a geek-philanthropist.

Charity-wise he's a huge contributor to Desert Bus for Hope and gives gives extremely generously to Child's Play. On the "awesome stuff" side of things he's been responsible for getting tons of very cool projects off the ground - he helped fund the Mac port of Psychonauts, is a major backer of the Fallout Nuka Break webseries, and helped bring tons of other rad things to life like: Geek and Sundry, Costume Quest, My Gimpy Life, the Idle Thumbs podcast, Wasteland 2, Volpin Props, Saturday Morning RPG ... the list goes on and on. He's also half of the team behind the popular webcomic MegaCynics ... I actually don't know where he finds the time to be honest. So, thanks so much Steve, the tournament was excellent, and the sunshine and rest were well needed. We really, really appreciated the trip.

We hope you all enjoyed this video, please don't mock our game too badly.

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