Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
The New Black Gold and Brothers of The Creed

MiracleOfSound | 23 Nov 2011 12:00
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"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes" - David Bowie

This month's theme is change. Sometimes a song doesn't quite work out the way you wanted and you're forced to start all over. Other times, outside influence can make you realize how something is being percieved when you meant to express something entirely different - forcing a change. Both of these songs went through big changes in thier lifetime: "The New Black Gold" before it was released, and "Brothers Of The Creed" afterwards. They also represent complete opposite ends of the spectrum in their reception from the public.

First things first, though.


I'll start with the most common question I've been asked this month.


Drink a Potion Of Calm, folks. More than likely not until January. Give me a chance to play it first. I also just spent every penny I have on new music gear and want to learn how to use it before tackling a Skyrim song. The wait will be worth it, I promise.

What is the best beard style?

Nord preset 4th from the left.

Do you have a limit on how heavy or discordant you can go or are you just trusted to keep it reasonably listenable?

No, there is no limit put on me by The Escapist. I can go as crazy/heavy/ear-destroying as I want with the songs and I indeed plan to at some time in the future. I won't be doing it very often though, as dichordant/extremely noisy music is a niche that not everyone appreciates.

Are you a fan of cars? I often tend to think of songs in terms of what sort of driving soundtrack they'd belong on.

I don't drive (I live in the city) but I have been told by a few people that I make good driving music!

Does The Escapist decide which games you should make songs for, or is it your own decision to focus on newly released titles?

It's my own decision to focus on new/popular games as more popular games get more views. This is my job, after all. If an older game gets enough requests I'll do it!

Why don't you guys do commercials? The last couple of songs have made me want to go out and buy/replay the game that moment.

Feel free to let the developers know that, hehe.

"Brothers Of The Creed"

This was a strange one for me. It showed me that my perception of a song can be completely different to everyone elses, in many ways. I wrote and recorded it in April and since then it's been my favorite of my gaming songs. I loved the way it sounded, I loved the lyrics, I loved the Eastern feel of the musical scales and the monk-like chants. I loved the way the bassline descended for the chorus while keeping the riff the same and how it reminded me of early 90s Peter Gabriel. I loved the scream at the end. I just loved everything about it and was certain it would get an amazing response. Boy, was I mistaken.

Before I get to the criticism and my response to it, I want to talk a little about the lyrics in the song, which were a bone of contention for some people. I think most of you were expecting a song about Ezio stealthing through the night and stabbing people in the neck but this wasn't at all what I wanted for this song.

The lyrics are about a)the Animus and Desmond and b) the long, ancient history of the Hashashin. As this history is steeped in Eastern philosophy and culture I wanted the song to have an Eastern flavor musically. It made sense to anyone who played the first game, but to anyone who only played AC2 or Brotherhood it seemed out of place.

"Eyes of Eden are on me" - this is a simple reference to the Assassins always being watched by the templars and to the pieces of Eden. "Eve by the apple tree" is obviously a Biblical reference to the original human sin and is meant to represent the duality of the Assassins in that their methods of upholding thier morals are based on an act that most consider the worst sin of all. It is also simply meant to imply that this story is very ancient and makes appearances in many cultures.

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