Skyrim and Dark Souls represent complete opposite ends of the gaming experience for me. Dark Souls is the kind of old school, sadistic, obtuse and at times maddeningly difficult videogame that I grew up with, while Skyrim is a pleasant, relaxing, easy, calming experience that is more indicative of today's player-friendly approach to gaming. I will probably never get around to finishing Dark Souls after dying to Ornstein and Smaough 12 times only to use my humanity and have some high level pyromancer douchebag invade and two-hit kill me right before I got to the boss door. Many yelled at me to get help from someone else but I resent any game that bases its difficulty on getting help from other people. Not big into games that can't decide if they're an RPG or an MMO. It's one of the things I love about Skyrim - there are no other real people in it. Still, Dark Souls is a great game and it certainly merited a song, even if it wasn't the one some people wanted.

First up: Question time!

Why do you layer up your voice so many times?

Because I like how it sounds.

You know you're never going to top (insert latest song here) right?

Really? Because people said the same thing about "Redemption Blues," "The New Black Gold," "Commander Shepard," "Sovngarde Song," "Joker's Song" and now "Take It Back."

When the ****ing *** is the ***ing song with Malukah coming out???? We've been waiting forever!

Sorry, I know. Soon. Hopefully within 10 days. Just waiting on the video now! It's worth the wait, I promise.

How's the Les Paul sounding?

She's beautiful. Can't stop looking at her and playing her. I think my girlfriend is jealous.

Did you know that I have bought many games because of your songs about them?

Tell the devs that. ;)

Will you be doing a SWTOR song?

No. I have an addictive personality so MMOs scare me.

Will you cover 'x' song?

I generally don't like doing cover versions because a) copyright issues and b) I prefer to make my own stuff

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