Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Crucible and Gordon Freeman Saved My Life

MiracleOfSound | 26 Apr 2012 12:00
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"Gordon Freeman Saved My Life"

The song that started it all. For those unfamiliar with the story, it goes like this: I was feeling a little dejected and down after my band fell apart just after recording our album with a record label. Due to some bad decisions both by myself and by others, my musical career had all but fallen apart just as it was about to explode. The legalities involved with songs meant I couldn't re-record them even though they were just sitting on a hard drive (in fact it is still another year before I can use them - very sore point) so I was pretty pissed off and disillusioned with the music industry, to say the least.

Gaming was my escape as usual, my way of just getting away from it all for a while. I had been replaying Half Life 2 for the 6 millionth time and the phrase literally just popped into my head - melody, words - it was just there. That simple as hell bluesy hook - "Gordon Freeman Saved My Liiiife!" Don't ask where it came from, I don't know, it was just there all of a sudden! I believe many of the best songs happen that way.

So after a few weeks of thinking about it, I said why not make it a song? It could be fun, it might cheer me up a bit and my buddies on The Escapist forum might enjoy it. I was confident in my songwriting and producing ability due to years of practice, so I figured it would be refreshing for people to hear a song about a game that was, well a proper, well crafted song as opposed to the more popular trend of middle class white men badly gangsta rapping about their COD headshotting skills.

So I put it up on the Gaming Discussion forum and the rest is history. The Escapist liked it and did a news feature on it (and "The Ballad Of Clay Carmine") and the community, you guys, reacted really positively. To go from struggling to get a thousand views in a year to getting 20,000 in 2 days was amazing for me. I still can't really wrap my head around it when I think of the number of people who hear these songs now.

The song itself, in hindsight, is certainly catchy and fun but maybe a little clumsily crafted. If I could go back in time I would make it far less repetitive, I think the main hook is overused far too many times and so did a lot of you. Point taken, haha! But it sure is a great riff. I love it and it reminds me of upbeat, kick ass 90s rock.

My favorite lines in the song are the ones about "Valve Time" and "They vanish into thin air like Episode 3" - someone recently pointed out that it's a bit sad how a year later they're still relevant (C'mon Valve! Give us something! A screenshot! Anything!).


Ugh. Chuck Norris meme.

Yeah, probably not my most original idea. It came across to many as trying to hard to appeal to geek culture.

Way too repetitive. I was sick of the chorus by the end.

I definitely could have done a lot more with the ending and middle part, aside from just repeating the hook over and over.

This makes no sense. Gordon doesn't talk so he certainly doesn't sing.

Nor does he think in third person narrative.

I miss this stuff. You never make the more straight rock songs anymore!

I promise I'll do some soon :) In fact I have one written and you'll be hearing it in a month or so.

Gordon Freeman Raped My Wife!

I'm going to presume you mean he beat her by a large margin in an online videogame.

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