Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Silver And Steel and Shadows In The Moonlight

MiracleOfSound | 24 May 2012 12:00
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One of the most common complaints I get is that a song "doesn't fit the game." This always bothers me for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is not my goal or my job to exclusively make songs that simply emulate the overall mood of a game. Second, this notion is highly subjective and everyone's experience of a story/game/movie will be different.

Everyone comes away from a good game with different memories, different favorite moments, different characters or aspects they liked. So a song may not fit what you felt was the tone of the game, but it always fits with my experience of whatever the particular aspect I wrote about was. For example you may have felt Red Dead Redemption was about brutal violence and dark human nature but I liked the story of a man who loves his family and is trying to redeem himself for them, so that's the part I wrote about.

This month's two songs both received this complaint a few times although the overwhelming majority felt they were just fine. I'll address them in more detail further down.

Question time: (got a ton of interesting questions this month!)

Is it ok if I come up and talk to you at the Escapist Expo?

I'm kind of surprised that people feel they need to ask me this, of course it's ok! I'm a very sociable guy, I enjoy meeting new people and talking to people so by all means feel free to come up and talk nerd-stuff with me at the Expo. You guys are the ones who watch my videos and buy my songs - you give me the opportunity to make a living from my music. I owe my success to you guys, be it large or small. So get over here, grab yourself a beer and come say hi!

Will you ever make a song about an RTS?

Maybe, if I ever find an RTS that doesn't make me feel like a mentally challenged cave troll.

Do you worship the false God Talos? (from Ancano's Twitter account)

I worship the gods of rock!

Do you ever have a game you really like and want to make a song about but can't seem to write one that fits?

Yes. Halo. I have yet to come up with anything that seems right for that series, despite endless requests for it.

Who inspires you?

I'm inspired by artists who always want to try something new and keep changing up their style. Bowie is a huge influence, Devin Townsend is another. I hear a lot of Iron Maiden in my songs too as I grew up on them and they've always been my favorite band.

Have you ever had creative restrictions imposed on you by external sources (e.g. BioWare)?

Not really - BioWare did ask me to make a high energy rock song ("Take It Back"), but that's about it. The Escapist lets me do whatever I want (within reason; I'm sure there would be some head scratching were I to send in a 16 minute Philip Glass style atonal synth drone-piece called "Mario's Hat" or something like that).

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