Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Silver And Steel and Shadows In The Moonlight

MiracleOfSound | 24 May 2012 12:00
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Silver And Steel

This was one of the easiest songs I have ever written and I attribute that to what a great character Geralt Of Rivia is. I think it took me literally 15-20 minutes to write the lyrics for this one, he just kept on giving me more ideas and I just ran with it. I like the rhyming scheme in this one: every first, second and fourth line rhyme, and every third line rhymes inwards on itself. I also used this rhyme structure in "Nord Mead" - I think it feels very folky or something.

The music style was something I wasn't too sure about at first. I knew a lot of people would want something "dark and edgy" sounding, but the song is not about the "darkness" of the Witcher universe - it's about Geralt and from what I saw in game Geralt is a droll, easy going guy who just kind of takes it all in his stride while finding ways to enjoy himself amidst all the corruption and angst.

So the style I chose was folky. Something I imagined Dandelion would come up with and sing drunkenly at the bar in Flotsam. After all, the story is narrated by this very glib, whimsical character - so why make the song all "dark and edgy"? I fucking hate those two words. They have become so over-used and so often thrown around as buzzwords that they've not only started to lose their meaning, but people often confuse "dark" with "having artistic merit." When I hear the word "edgy" I always imagine a prissy boyband talking about their new album that's "more edgy" because their label hired a guitar player for a few songs.

Besides, I didn't feel the Witcher was a dark game. I felt it was authentic - the characters were true to life and very real with very real flaws. But the game was full of humor and fun too and the tone in which it was presented and narrated was, as I said, glib and whimsical. That's what the musical tone was meant to imply. The pace of the combat was also quite brisk and lively, so I think that's another way the music fits.

The alliteration is everywhere in this one. Told you I'm a sucker for it! "Crooked kingdoms", "clouds collide," "deadly dark elixirs," "caustic, curdled," "wound and weave and carve and cleave" - the song is loaded with alliteration. I can't help it, I just like the sound of it!

I included the Polish line as a tribute to the writer and developers. Got a lot of love from my Polish fans for that! I also used a new vocal microphone on this song. I think you can really hear the more crisp, clear tone, especially in the chorus.


Your Polish accent was all wrong.

Ah well, sorry about that. I did get advice from a Polish buddy but in the end I didn't have time to go back and re-record the vocal afterwards.

It's too light and easy - compared to The Witcher it's just ... wrong.

There's that word again - "wrong". Wrong for your experience of the Witcher maybe, but just right for mine, I'm afraid.

WTF. The Witcher is metal, not bloody folk.Try some black metal next time.

Yeah, those Dimmu Borgir songs in the Flotsam tavern sure made me headbang. Do your eyes of molten iron ever get tired behind those musical blinkers?

Your goal of reducing repetition is coming along nicely.

Nice to hear. I was a bit worried this one may have reverted in that respect but people didn't seem to think so.

Not right for the game. Should have been darker and grittier.

Let me know how that new One Direction single with the guitar on it sounds. Haven't had a chance to listen but you sound like you might enjoy it.

Why was there no mention of all the sex. The game was full of sex.

Because sex is just sex. You see sex everywhere. It's not a part of the story I found particularly interesting or inspiring or unique. I never really have much interest in sex in games. I prefer it in real life.

See you next month, folks!

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