Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Shooter Guy and Life In Bullet Time

MiracleOfSound | 5 Jul 2012 03:30
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The two songs I'm writing about this week come from opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of fun vs serious. For most Miracle of Sound songs I tend to lean towards the more sober, earnest side. This is because I tend to write about the games with stories I love, so I feel they deserve something a little more than just to have the piss taken out of them. However, every now and again it's fun to take off my "srs bsns" blinkers and just make something silly and funny - gaming does have an awful lot of ludicrous tropes after all and sometimes it can be cathartic to poke affectionate fun at them.

"Life In Bullet Time" is one of the darkest and most sombre songs I've done for Miracle of Sound. It felt right for Max Payne as his character in the game is more beat up and fed up with life than Niko Bellic's car. "Shooter Guy" is the complete opposite; a very goofy send up of all the ridiculous situations that military shooters repeatedly present us with in an endless stream of OscarMike-ology and gritty sincerity.

Question Time:

How can I meet you at SD Comic Con?

I will be telling you guys where I am on Twitter and Facebook and how you can come find me over the 3 days. I expect to be around the BioWare booth quite a bit and will definitely be at any panels they do. I'm going to try and meet up with as many of you guys as possible. Looking forward to it, it should be fun!

Which songs are you going to play at the Escapist Expo?

I haven't decided yet as I may have some new ones I want to do by then. I will try to pick songs that a lot of people enjoy. You can expect to hear "Sovngarde Song," "New Black Gold" and "Commander Shepard" for example.

Did you enjoy the ME3 extended cut?

I did. While it didn't fix some of the glaring flaws in the logic of the story and the forced ABC endomatic-3000 Deus Ex machine it did present a respectful and much more emotionally satisfying finale to the series. As our own Susan Arendt eloquently phrased here it gave the player a much needed chance to say goodbye to their Commander Shepard.

What game are you most looking forward to this year? Are you excited about AC3?

GTA5 is the only game that has me very excited if I'm honest. I am a little skeptical about Assassin's Creed 3 after E3. Those ship battles look like the kind of thing that will make me demolish a controller (if they are anything like the one in Brotherhood, they will) and I would have liked a more unfamiliar location and culture than America. No offense to my American friends, I love America - but gaming already has enough patriotism and flag waving (both of which are very abundant in the latest trailer) and the AC series was always a welcome step into more exotic places and ways of life. Still, the Revolution era itself hasn't been done much so they might be able to make it feel fresh. Here's hoping.

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