Trying something a little different or experimental is fun and rewarding on a creative level, but you always run the risk of alienating those who are invested in your more consistently steady styles. Miracle of Sound has taught me that every time you create something that is exactly what one person wanted, another person will be disappointed by it. I'm learning to accept this and realizing that hey, that's okay. It's the same for every artist.

The two songs I'm covering this week were both experimental territory for me in different ways. "DNA" was not only my first foray into movie-themed Miracle of Sound songs (of which there are more to come soon) but structure and genre-wise was unlike anything I have made before, eschewing my usual pop structure for something a little more industrial and mantra-like. "Kalros" was me playing around with crazy poly-rhythms and looping, brain bending math metal time signatures. Both songs had completely polarizing responses - some loved the new territory and some found it too much of a deviation or just not their style. And like I said ... that's ok.

Question Time:

Will you make a Game Of Thrones song?

Game Of Thrones? What's that? Never heard of it.

How was Comic Con? Did you see anyone famous?

It was amazing! Thank you to all the awesome fans we met there, it was a blast meeting you guys. Special thanks to Drave - without whom we may have been stuck outside the event with no tickets. (Long story).

As for celebrities, fuck no. There's not a celebrity on this planet I'd queue for 4-5 hours to see. Though we did spot Andrew WK walking down the street saying hi to everyone. That guy rules.

Will you be playing any Battlefield/Counter Strike/Starcraft (insert competitive multiplayer game here) now that you've moved to PC?

I just bought a nice new monitor, I'm not ready to demolish it just yet.

What made you originally fall in love with the Mass Effect series?

I think the moment I really fell in love with it was on the Normandy talking to Liara about the Asari species history and realizing just how deep and detailed the lore ran. Also, meeting Sovereign for the first time blew my mind.

What's a good pick up line?

"Did you fart?"

Would you consider a Metal Gear Solid 4 song?

Nah, I find Metal Gear is too wacky and weird for my taste in stories.

Why is the sky blue?

Because Fallout mod.

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