Last week, the guys discussed which sports movie was the all-time world champion, and this week continue the discussion for your reading enjoyment.


Chris: Congrats sports fans, you found me out! I, Christopher James Pranger, know as little about sports as a man is allowed to know! My only real sporting experience happened back in tee-ball during elementary school, and then last month when I was at the Seahawks-Packers game where one team had more footballs than the other team and that was considered a good thing. So when we decided to do our Best Sports Movie Ever episode, my mind went very, very blank, until I remembered our show's original concept:

"Take a broad topic and pick choices that obviously will not be considered."

We all remember our second episode, "Best Western Ever," where Kyle went with Back to the Future Part III and I said Fievel Goes West. It was actually going to be our first, but Dan switched things around at the last second. Point I'm making is, we were just getting our Internet legs, so now, over a year later, it was time to try something like that again.

I have very fond memories of The Sandlot, partly because I always really wanted a group of friends like that, but The Mighty Ducks? I watched that one a heck of a lot more as a kid. It's a bit odd that Kyle didn't capitalize on the most obvious and nearly instant-winning pop culture icon that The Mighty Ducks gave us: The knuckle puck. Tell the truth now, how many of you always, always attempted the knuckle puck during P.E. in elementary school or beyond? I guarantee nearly 100%.

Furthermore, Kyle held back with some body blows when I started essentially giving him free shots by mentioning the handful of awful sequels The Sandlot churned out, as well as its perpetual status as the go-to summer movie on ABC Family. The Mighty Ducks had two sequels, both of which were great. I even remember watching D2 a lot more than the first one and then really getting into the concept of hockey as a viable sport ... assuming I didn't live in Oregon where that's not something a typical kid gets to play. Oh if only I'd been born in Canada, the land of true opportunity and brotherly love! Or maybe Norway, because Norway is awesome. I'm getting off track.

Sports movies are usually a hard sell to me, so it either has to be an extremely good movie ... of which I'm drawing a blank for examples ... or it has to be a movie about a rag-tag team of kids or Jamaicans who band together and make me love their indomitable spirit. Cool Runnings, The Big Green, Rookie of the Year, Little Giants, or even Happy Gilmore, because let's be honest, Sandler was doing his best 7-year-old impression the entire time and it worked.

Don't get me wrong, I like Caddyshack as much as the next fellow, and the first half of Remember the Titans is great until they all get along and the conflict essentially ends. Plus, Rocky perfected the training montage and for that he can never be forgotten.

But Rudy? Man, eff that kid.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm leading up to, if anything, but I do know that at the very least, there is no crying in baseball, though there were plenty of tears on those little league teams of mine, so maybe that's not even true all the time. All right, quack quack quack, I'm out!

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