No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Just Being Neighborly

Firefilm | 26 Nov 2012 12:00
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Chris: Shame on us for releasing a video on Thanksgiving. Okay, not really shame on us, but I do apologize for putting anyone in a situation where they had to deal with debating while in food comas. However, any non-US viewers, what was your excuse? Come to think of it, US viewers, aren't we used to food comas anyway, what with being 'Muricans? Shame on everyone!

Second thought, shame on no one but wacky neighbors, which is what I came here to talk about before getting distracted with so many leftovers. After seeing Kyle and I flop about on camera as we compared Kramer and Urkel, all I can think is that we both held back the truly wacky attributes of either.

I ended up winning with Kramer, but I neglected to mention many of his wackiest moments such as getting in multiple fights with his little partner Mickey, living in his shower for a while, installing a hot tub in his apartment, or converting his entire living room into the Merv Griffin Show.

Kyle could have easily capitalized on that by bringing up Urkel's many more and arguably wackier antics with the Winslow family, such as ... uh ... actually, I don't really remember much of what he did other than talk in a high-pitched, squeaky voice while playing the accordion and mentioning his great love of cheese - which isn't so wacky as we all love cheese.

However, a handful of commenters brought up Wilson from Home Improvement and I felt compelled to look into that, though mostly because someone made the claim that Wilson wasn't the wacky neighbor, but rather that the entire show was centered around Tim Taylor, the ultimate wacky neighbor. My mind was blown by how much sense that made, especially since Wilson was always the voice of reason. Wacky neighbors don't give sound advice, they defy sound advice, stuff that Tim did all the time when he added more power to everything in his house or spent who knows how much of his little show's monthly budget building impractical bathrooms or kitchens for men.

The simple Wilson/Tim neighbor flip got me thinking about other shows, such as The Simpsons. Is Ned Flanders really wacky? Is being a nice Christian really wacky, or is Homer the really wacky one, what with his penchant for utter nonsense and roasting deer carcasses over his chimney? What about in Friends? Who's the wacky neighbor there? Aren't they all wacky neighbors? Is that just the perfect example of how little you'd want to live around your friends if they were all wacky in perfectly nonsensical ways? Or in South Park? Can anyone be a wacky neighbor if the entire world is based around the wacky neighbor logic?

All of this thinking has given me a headache since all I really want to do is eat more mashed potatoes and watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. Is Sokka the wacky neighbor, or just a wacky teammate? I don't know, but further research is needed.

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