Chris: Seeing as how I don't watch Star Trek and therefore am woefully out of the loop, I have nothing of significance to contribute.

However, like The Dude, I still abide.

Okay, Dan has informed me that I am required to actually talk about this debate, despite, and I reiterate, knowing so very little about Star Trek. The extent of my knowledge extends through the first season of Voyager, about three episodes of The Next Generation, and the first episode of Enterprise. Plus I've seen the J.J. Abrams movie and thought it was cool enough. Not my favorite, but not the worst.

What this means is that I have no loyalty to a single captain whatsoever. I like Picard the most, but only because I like Patrick Stewart as an actor the most, and Janeway was fun, but only because that's the series I've spent the most time with. I hear this debate brought up over and over again, and I do feel like I should have more of a drive toward Star Trek in general as I spend a lot of time on the Internet and this is one of the required gospels or something, but I simply can't muster up the time to care. And why is that? Because I hate stories involving boats.

How does Star Trek relate to boats? Well, to me, a space ship is just a boat in space, so I get bored really easily. I asked Dan and Kyle during our traditional Izzy's lunch break whether they'd accept a free ticket to live on a space station and while Kyle said yes, I was adamant that I wanted to stay firmly rooted to Earth. Granted, Kyle regretted his decision after I added stipulations for that free ticket, specifically that he must randomly sex-up aliens as the space station sees fit, but he does get a healthy supply of pudding to soothe the emotional scarring. It was a strange lunch indeed.

Back to Star Trek, this debate didn't instill me with the desire to pick up a series and plow through it, but I will say that I ultimately had to be the deciding vote behind the scenes and so I am the reason Picard was chosen, partly due to Kyle explaining how Picard was more careful not to allow his crew to die, making his ship my preferred vessel. Of course, I'd prefer to stay as far away from space as possible, but that we already knew.

Ugh, Dan is really putting me in a bind since I'm literally out of things to talk about. I just can't get into the series for whatever reason, so I constantly feel distanced from a large group of people. Not begrudgingly though as I feel no animosity toward or from this group, but just a very powerful indifference, much like the Bond debate from a few episodes ago.

I think the take-away from all of this is that when I lose the ability to talk about video games, I lose far too much of myself. Dang. Keep on truckin', Dan and Kyle. You are truly champions in this nerdy arena of ours.

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