No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Valentine's Day Edition

Firefilm | 13 Feb 2012 12:00
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Dan: So which is more unexpected, that your favorite debonnaire debaters decided to do a romance-themed No Right Explanation, or that all three of us have either wives or fianc├ęs? I am proud to live in an age where being a nerd or a dork doesn't immediately mean that you are alone in your parent's basement on Saturday nights. As the other two heroes have done before me, I will impart a few stories about how geek culture not only didn't keep me from the girl of my dreams, it actually brought us together.

First off, one must look no farther than the couple theme Halloween costumes that we have chosen over the years. We have been Mal and Inara from Firefly, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Jack and Jill after the fall (think bruised and bloody), and one year where our costumes didn't match, I went as a Ghostbuster and she went as Poison Ivy. This was the Poison Ivy from Arkham Asylum, not the visual murder that was the fourth film. We always have fun with geek costumes, and that trend should continue. Most recently, I was Tony Stark and she was a little sister from Bioshock. Weird pairing, I know, but it worked.

It's important to be able to be your own geeky self around your woman (or man), and even more important that they join in. The couple that geeks together, keeps together. Yes, I wrote that and no, you can not have it without giving me credit.

Now it's no small secret that I have a man-crush on Bruce Campbell. Not only are his movies (the ones that had theatrical releases, not the TV ones) fantastic, he is an all-around cool guy. I even went so far as to make the Mojito my drink of choice because his character on Burn Notice prefers them. I hate gin, yet somehow seeing Brucy ordering up the drink makes it taste sweet in my mouth. My wife doesn't discourage this crush, in fact she regularly goes along with it, going so far as to stand in line for over two hours just so I could get an autograph. That's devotion.

She's played Portal 2 co-op with me even though she didn't like it, just so I could see what happened. She's gone into a Lego store with me just because she knows I love them. Come to think of it, she does a lot of stuff she doesn't want to do in order to make me happy. Hmmm.

I think I need to go buy more flowers. Excuse me...

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