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Firefilm | 27 Feb 2012 12:00
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Dan: It's amazing to me how many fans in the comments section scolded us for saying that these two games were overrated, stating that they were, in fact, wonderful games. I seem to remember us specifically (well, Kyle) stating that overrated did not mean bad per se, only talked about in higher regard than they deserved. I just want that to be clear.

First point went to Chris for his argument that time may heal all wounds, but it also wounds most games. I am sure if you took someone who only knew Frogger and whisked them away to present day, sitting them in front of Bioshock, their brains would melt out their noses. Does that necessarily mean that Frogger wasn't groundbreaking, or that Bioshock should be labeled as a biological weapon? No, it's just all about perspective.

Second point went to Kyle for an historical comparison. Sadly, Mr. Thomas Edison was kind of a dick, but he got away with it due to being loaded, and then history was written by the victor. Truth is, much like ol Eddie, GoldenEye is remembered as a pioneer of many gaming aspects that it didn't have claim to, but it did everything so well that no one really bothered to call it out.

Chris' next point kinda had to be given to him on faith. See, I've never played any Final Fantasy game. Just never have. So when he was talking about the battle mechanics, I really didn't know what he was talking about. However, when he mentioned that all the characters were interchangeable, I knew strange things were afoot at the circle K. Even GoldenEye had Jaws and Oddjob, who played very differently in the multiplayer.

Corridors got the next point on Kyle's behalf. The last time I played GoldenEye, I was doing so for an episode of Drinking Games. Never seen it? It's on The Escapist, go check it out. But with the filter of gaming experience under my belt, I noticed that all the levels played very similar, with textures and random pillars being the only variable. Pretty clever, programmers of the past, pretty clever.

As I was editing this episode, my wife (an avid FF fan) was agreeing with everything Chris said for this next point. Again, having never played any of them, I didn't know, but you can all thank Mrs. Judge for agreeing that there are fans loyal to many FF games, for far better reasons than FF7. Sometimes the most loved edition of a series isn't necessarily the best edition.

Who here remembers the movie GoldenEye as the best James Bond movie? Maybe some of you, but not the majority. Who here remembers the game GoldenEye as the best game of the series? Most of you is my guess. Chris wins the final point for arguing that those who loved the movie were actually influenced in part by the success of the game. That does speak for the quality of the game, and therefore wins FF7 as the most overrated.

Before I go, I want to mention one thing. Back in the day, I subscribed to Nintendo Power magazine. I remember buying GoldenEye with the little money I had, and not really being able to afford any other game for my N64. And every month, when I saw GoldenEye at the top of the chart for best game, it made me proud. And that streak lasted for several months, if not over a year! I also remember I would play with proximity mines in the multiplayer so long that after a while, my friends and I would spawn and explode in one fluidic motion. In the end, when something is critically acclaimed and fun to play, well you've got something special on your hands.

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